About Me

I am a warm, bubbly and happily married mother of three based right in between Leeds, York and Harrogate.  I love living in a small town with the beautiful countryside of North and West Yorkshire right on my doorstep!

I started my journey into motherhood at a very young age, when mainstream advice about birth and feeding in this country was very different. By the time I had my second son in 2005 we knew a bit more, but fast forward to 2020 and I had become aware of hypnobirthing (although it had been around for many years prior). I had caught glimpses of it during my five years as a support worker in maternity services at an NHS hospital, and knew it was something I wanted to learn more about in preparation for the birth of my third child.

When I booked onto a class initially, I really didn’t know what an impact it was going to have on me, my pregnancy, my birth and my baby...little did I know it was also going to change the course of my professional life as well.  I had been craving a more nurturing and fulfilling role, and I felt that I had found my calling. 

On the face of it, being pregnant in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic was enough to make anyone anxious, and I had particular reservations about certain aspects of birth to add on top of that; however, hypnobirthing enabled me to truly relax during pregnancy, to embrace it and cherish it, and ultimately manage the powerful sensations of birth.

When it came down to the most crucial moments, ​I know that without hypnobirthing there is no way I would have had the incredible experience that I ultimately did.  

Initially I had thought it was supposed to be hard work, and it does take some dedication, but I quickly incorporated it into my routine, and it soon became something pleasurable that I looked forward to.

Society, the media, and even conversations with family and friends can fill your head with negative stories of birth, but through the consistent practice of meditations, relaxations, and positive birth stories and videos, I had built up confidence in myself and my body and was calm, relaxed and excited to meet my baby.  

From the point of giving birth, I was in a state of euphoria which lasted for weeks. It powered me through the sleep deprivation and fostered incredible bonding with my baby.

All I want to do now is share these simple but powerful tools with other people, so that you can have the most positive experience possible, no matter what path birth takes.