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Honestly, Colette has been absolutely brilliant!  From answering all the questions I asked during pregnancy when we did our class, to going into labour, she was completely approachable, knowledgeable and non-judgemental.

The information she provided was clear, up-to-date, factual and really easy to digest, which was so important for us with it being my first.

She also constantly sent over new information whenever I asked a question, always going out of her way to provide the best bits of material on the subject.

Colette - you've been brilliant, made me feel very positive about birth and always felt you were at hand if ever I needed anything (and I still do!).

Thank you!


I never would have dreamed of having such a positive, unassisted home birth if it wasn't for the knowledge and guidance I had from Colette throughout.  She's so lovely and always there to help


I think everyone should do Colette's workshop, whether you think you're fully informed or not.

I thought the hours upon hours I spent reading and preparing would be enough, but I found so many extra nuggets of wisdom in our session with Colette


Colette's workshop provided a vital alternative perspective on our birth, giving us the confidence and knowledge to make informed decisions every step of the way.


Before falling pregnant, I, like many women, dreaded the thought of giving birth.  Even as a young girl it was like I was programmed to fear it, and I did - until I learnt the truth from Colette that birth is meant to be a pure and natural experience shrouded in love, privacy and respect.

After my sessions with Colette, I felt so much calmer and more educated about my rights, what to expect and what may or may not be offered to me.  This resulted in me being able to make decisions and stand up for my rights when my planned natural birth required some medical intervention.

Colette is experienced and knowledgeable about birth, and I was very grateful for her insights, which helped me to formulate my birth plan and also positively reaffirm all that is wonderful about giving birth!


HUGE thank you!

Our pregnancy journey was pretty tricky - after our loss last year, I felt anxious throughout, especially when I was strongly advised against a vaginal birth.  I'd never considered a caesarean before, so having time to delve into it with you was beyond helpful.

The information you gave us helped us to form a plan that we were super comfortable with, and practicing the hypnobirthing techniques definitely made me feel a lot more relaxed in the weeks leading up to the birth.

I ended up having a fast, intense vaginal delivery, so our original plan went out the window, but we were able to draw on the breathwork and post-birth tips that you shared with us - it definitely helped us feel more in control in a situation which was very different to the one we'd imagined!

Thank you again for giving your time so generously - we'll be forever grateful!


I attended Colette's tailored hypnobirthing course with my birth partner - we both learnt so much!

I felt much more confident in being able to have a positive birth experience no matter what course birth may take, knowing my rights and advocating for myself.

Thank you for supporting us on this journey and helping me unlearn the negative perceptions I had!


Colette is an absolute wealth of knowledge.  I love her fearless attitude and passion for all things pregnancy, birth and motherhood.  She goes above and beyond when working with a client, and doesn't shy away from the tough but crucial birth topics. 

She's always updating her knowledge to ensure that the women she works with are getting good, solid, evidence-based support.  I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Colette to anyone!

Oh, and she's funny, warm and genuinely caring!


I found Colette on Instagram and we got chatting.  We had a few things in common, so it was lovely to talk.  She mentioned the VBAC hypnobirthing course, and I took it because of the confidence that I felt in her.

It was a great two hours, covering a lot of information and giving me informed choices, with a lovely relaxation period at the end.

I have lots of material and useful links now so I can pick up more as I go towards the third trimester, so hopefully I can sail through this now and have the birth I want.


"Colette was a calming, knowledgeable tutor. She gave us the skills, tools and peace of mind to create the perfect birthplan. We are so much more confident now and looking forward to an enjoyable, stress free birth."


Colette has been really supportive throughout my pregnancy and reminding me that I actually have choices over what happens to me, my body and my baby

Following the 3hr session, I now feel more empowered to make choices that are right for me, to help me have as positive a birth experience as possible.  To reduce my anxiety and fear and trust that, you know what, everything might just be ok!

The techniques that I've learned (which I will need to keep practicing!) will, I'm sure, prove invaluable in helping me overcome my tendency to over-think and catastrophise!

Thank you so much Colette for always empowering me and supporting me.
I really recommend seeing Colette if and when you are expecting.  She's so knowledgeable and truly empowers you.


I found the relaxation session really helped me and met my needs at the time. Colette was welcoming and soothing as she led us through the visualisation and breathing exercises. Being pregnant with my second baby I don’t often get time to sit back and just be; it was food for the soul. I highly recommend!


Colette’s positive view on birth in its many forms is something all expectant mothers and their birth partners need to hear. 

The confidence just hearing her speak instills cannot be underestimated! Colette is calm, caring and knowledgeable, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. 


I feel like I got so much from the experience that I didn’t know I needed!

I’m feeling much more confident after the class and like I know much more about what to expect.


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